Those who will donate ANY amount will receive the Auto White Ballance and Equalize Light (batch version) as a bonus
Welcome to my site.

The Purpose of this site is to give free (PhotoShop or any other Photo Manipulation Applications) Plug-ins (.8bf) and make research for new ones (beta). The Plug-ins are created by me and any feedback would be appreciated.

As you can see there are free versions of Plug-ins and beta versions. In beta versions you will not have full access of the Plug-in (only half image) so you will easier compare the result.

Plug-in Description
Auto White Balance v2.1 (NEW)(UPDATED) How many times have you photographed and your photos had terrible white balance? Color Correcting is painful and very time consuming. This Plug-in gives you the ability to fix this without doing anything (not even search in vain to find a perfect grey area). Even with grey cards there is an error (cause the reflected light that reaches the card changes it's color). I need your opinion and suggestions to make it perfect.

It works for any RGB Image.

Changes from v2.0:
Vista Support (Crashed on Vista)
Option for sunlight color

(UPDATE): Vista and Windows 7 not crashing any more
Equalize Light v2.0 (NEW)(UPDATED) This is a 10 band Light Equalizer for photos. It changes the amount of light in 10 different bands trying to lose none of the information in the photo.

It works only for 8bit RGB images.

(UPDATE): Vista and Windows 7 not crashing any more
Exposure - Contrast This Plug-in is an exposure emulation. For whatever information is left into the image emulates the difference in exposure during photography. Additionally you can change the contrast of an image in a very different way. They both follow no conventional ways (both are my research) and I hope you'll find them useful (as I did).

It works only for 8bit RGB images.
Fix Focus This Plug-in was made to "save" your oversharpened images. Sometimes when we sharpen our images we overdo it a bit (either because we "have to" or because we didn't notice it). In that case this Plug-in smooths only the "edges" that make the image look unnatural.

It works only for 8bit RGB images.
Older Versions
Plug-in Description
Auto White Balance v2.0 Changes from v1.0:
Added sunlight color 5780K
Auto White Balance v1.0 Initial Version
Beta Research
Plug-in Description
Auto White Balance v0.32 For reference only. Download latest version instead.

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